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Creator Camp

Hardware Recommendations


To create a great stream, you need a computer with solid performance that can quickly encode your video and audio, and send it to us to broadcast to your global fanbase.

PC laptops are particularly useful for streamers who need a more mobile setup, whether that be a gaming rig you need to travel with, or streaming in high-traffic areas that double as your streaming room like a kitchen or art studio.

Mac laptops are a favorite among creatives, particularly musicians. You’ll need to note that there’s an extra piece of hardware you’ll need in order to stream with a Mac.

USB Interfaces / Mixers

An interface or mixers with a USB output is critical for hooking up your audio equipment to your streaming computer. Mixers have everything controllable on the board itself vs. Interfaces which have effects and EQ managed by simple control programs.

  • Basic Mixer: Yamaha AG03 ~ $150USD
    • Effects/EQ built into Mixer with Loopback control
    • 3 inputs, USB connection
  • Basic Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 ~ $159USD
    • Great entry into having a interface
    • 2 inputs, USB connection
  • Midrange Mixer: Yamaha MG10XU ~ $209USD
    • 10 Channel Mixer with Effects/EQ on board, USB
    • Great for using for streaming and live gigs, but large
  • Midrange Mixer: Mackie ProFXv2 ~ $229USD
    • 8 Channel Mixer with Effects/EQ on board, USB
    • Great for using for streaming and live gigs, but large
  • High End Interface: Steinberg UR44 Audio Interface ~ $299USD
    • 6 Channel Interface, small footprint, USB
    • Requires advanced knowledge of DAW software to add effects/EQ


Great audio can make or break your stream. Some microphones are built for streaming or podcasting and have their own USB connections built in, but if you want to use your standard live performance gear, you’ll likely need a USB interface.

Cardioid mics catch the sound right in front of the mic, but do a poor job at picking up sounds further away. Condenser mics are great for picking up multiple subjects (two people/one person and guitar), but may pick up unwanted ambient sounds. There’s a great in-depth dive into Microphones and more in our Setting Up Your Stream post.

USB Microphones (no interface required)

  • Basic Condenser: Yeti Blue ~ $129USD
    • Better for groups, but picks up ambient noise, USB
  • Midrange Condenser: AT2020 ~ $149USD
    • USB version listed, also comes in XLR
    • Better for groups, but picks up ambient noise

Standard Microphones (require interface)

Stands / Mounts


There are lots of options when it comes to cameras: from using your laptop’s built-in camera to using dedicated capture cards connected to high-end cameras and DSLRs. We’ve included some nice, simple USB cameras below that don’t require complicated setup.


Digital cameras don’t like dimly lit rooms! Good lighting can make a big difference.