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Creator Camp

Social Media Strategy

We also tapped our eager-to-help social media experts here at Twitch to share a few more tips:

  • Brand yourself consistently across Twitch and social platforms. Use your channel name as your social name or make them closely tie together to help your viewers find you.
  • Post engaging content that relates to your channel and your personality, show who you are on and off stream.
  • Don’t just post to post. For example, saying good morning every morning is overkill, but it’s okay to post that funny morning picture of your cat stretching.
  • Follow developers and games that you enjoy. Respond to their tweets, tag them when you have a cool clip playing their game, and engage with social beyond just posting on your feed.
  • Social is a great tool to let your stream know if your schedule changes.
  • Posts tend to get more traction when they include attention grabbing stuff like a Clip, picture or gif. Everyone loves gifs. Everyone.