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Introduction to Twitch Analytics

As a streamer, your analytics will give you a better view of your content’s performance on Twitch. After your stream, take a moment to review your analytics in your Creator Dashboard

Use your analytics to start understanding your community and their preferences as viewers. It’s a great way to plan your growth. In this article, our goal is to familiarize you with where your analytics can be found on Twitch and define the terms that you will discover while reviewing them.

Twitch Analytics

Your Analytics can be found under the Analytics tab on your Creator Dashboard. Under the Analytics tab, your analytics are separated into three different categories. 

Overall analytics:
This includes an overview of all your analytics. Achievements and stream summaries are also stored in this tab of your creator dashboard.  
Viewer analytics:
This includes Discovery data on how your viewers found your stream and from what platforms, etc. Also included are your Engagement Analytics that detail what Categories and Channels your viewers are watching on Twitch when they’re not watching your stream. Last but not least, Emote Analytics tracks the usage of your emotes across Twitch to help you understand their value to your community. 
Revenue analytics:
This includes your Earnings Analytics, where you can see how much you earn on Twitch from revenue sources including but not limited to, Subs: paid, prime, and gifted. Ads, Cheering, and others. You can also view your payout history to compare your annual earnings.

Twitch terms you should know:

Average Viewers

Your average concurrent viewership 

Live Views

The total number of unique views from live content

New Followers

Total number of new followers


Number of redeemed subscriptions (new and old)


Total revenue generated, minus Twitch’s share, any fees, and taxes 

Revenue Breakdown*

A specific breakdown of what makes up your total revenue from paid, gifted, and Prime subs, ads, bits, game sales, extensions, bounties, or other bits interactions

Subscriber Breakdown*

A specific breakdown of subs by tier, and includes details on the revenue split for each tier

Stream Video Producer

An embedded list of the streams that took place, including thumbnail, title, dates, and times

Views Breakdown

A detailed breakdown of the origin of total views, from your own followers, Twitch directories and recommendations, other channels on Twitch, and external traffic, as well as a link to see more detailed information on channel referral sources

Channels in Common

The five channels that have the highest percentage of viewers in common with your own

Viewer-Preferred Categories

Five top categories that viewers spent the most time watching when they were not watching your channel

Top Clips

The highest viewed clips from your channel

Go-Live Notification Performance

Includes a quick recap of the three highest performing custom go-live notifications, including how many followers clicked on the notification and the total number of followers who have enabled notifications for your channel

Tags Performance

Shows you the % of tag traffic responsible for viewers finding and viewing your channel though that tag, including tags of channels that may have hosted you

*Denotes information only available to Partners & Affiliates

POG Tip: By default, your analytics displays a 30-day recap, but by clicking on the date range bar, you can select a custom time frame to gather more detailed or long-term analytics.

For more information about Channel Analytics, check out our Help Article .

Now, you should know where to find your Twitch Analytics in your Creator Dashboard and have a list of terms to reference when learning to review your stream analytics! To learn more, continue down the Establish your Brand path for more in-depth articles on how to interpret and use what you know from your data.

Test your knowledge

Question 01

True or False: Streaming on Twitch is easy to start but hard to master.

have you considered trying to stream from your phone on Twitch it’s as simple as downloading The app from the App Store or the play store.

Question 02

True or False: I Can make money on Twitch

Monetization on Twitch is straightforward. Choosing to become an affiliate by completing your Path to Affiliate in your dashboard will have you on your way to making money on Twitch.

Question 03

True or False: I can raise money for charity on Twitch.

Raising money on Twitch for charity is one of the most exciting things you can do with a community. please check out our fundraising on Twitch article here on the creator camp.

Question 04

True or False: Streaming eight hours a day, seven days a week, is the only way to grow on Twitch.

With all of your time streaming, you’re leaving yourself with little to no time to do any of the other recommended activities for growth on Twitch.

Question 05

Multichoice: What can a viewer on Twitch do to see when your channel goes live on Twitch?

Consider what you’d ask of a viewer if you wanted them to return to your channel.

Question 06

Multichoice: What do you have to stream to grow your following on Twitch?

People enjoy watching someone who is having a good time. Would you watch a creator that you can tell hates the game they’re playing but is pretending to like it?

Quiz Summary

Did you answer them correctly?