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Creator Camp

Copyrights & Your Channel

Twitch’s mission is to empower communities to create together. Creation is the beating heart of copyright law, and this learning path is here to help you understand how you can safely stream and make engaging content while respecting the valuable contributions of other creators.

What to Expect:

Copyright School:
Copyright School is your first stop educational resource to learn about copyright law, the DMCA, and how they apply to streaming on Twitch. We understand that mistakes happen and want everyone to have the information needed to educate themselves and avoid making future mistakes.

Eligible streamers who receive a copyright strike will be prompted via email and an in-product notification to complete the Copyright School chapters and quiz. Upon successful completion of the quiz, one copyright strike will be removed from your channel. Eligibility refreshes after 12 months!

Because Copyright School contains valuable information for all streamers, we made it available for everyone (not only streamers who’ve received a copyright strike). Completing and viewing it from Creator Camp (as opposed to from an eligibility prompt) will not decrement a copyright strike, nor will it prevent your eligibility to complete it again later to remove a copyright strike. You are free to come back to it as often as you need!

Understanding Copyright Law and the DMCA as a Twitch Streamer:
This chapter is a resource on the basics of copyright law and the DMCA and similar laws worldwide. Use it as a reference to understand how copyright law protects original works of art, such as music, novels, TV shows, movies, sports broadcasts, and even video games, as well as the potential consequences of using a copyrighted work without the owner’s permission

Resources and Tools to Help Streamers Build Good Habits:
This chapter gives you tools and resources you can use to build good streaming habits and stay informed about relevant copyright issues!

As a streamer, understanding how copyright law and the DMCA function and respecting the rights of other creators is essential for long-term success on Twitch (and elsewhere). By using original and authorized content and taking advantage of the tools Twitch and third parties provide, you can share entertaining, rights-cleared content on your Twitch channel that delights your audience.

An overview of the chapters