Twitch 101

The Basics

Now that you have an idea on how to start streaming, let’s take a look at some best practices to put your channel in a position to begin growing.

Customize your channel page

Your channel page is the home for your stream and a hub for your community. It’s also a reflection of who you are as a streamer and the first impression you make on a new viewer, so make it stand out! This is where you can set the tone for your community and showcase your personality.
From the actual design of your Channel Page and the Panels you define, to the extensions you choose to use, to the Moderation settings for your chat, and the behind the scenes Account Settings for things like Bits (more on those later) and filters, we encourage you to customize your page to make it uniquely ‘you’.

In addition to your video player and chat, your channel page is also home to various panels that you can use to give viewers information about yourself, post your streaming schedule, and much more. It’s up to you what you use panels for, but for your safety remember not to include personal information like your full name or address.

Stream on schedule. Consistency is key.

We’ve done a little research and discovered that the majority of content watched on Twitch is on a consistent, regular basis. It’s just like when you get familiar with a favorite TV show being on at the same time every week. If the showtime suddenly changes without you knowing it, does it really happen?

What does this mean for you? Stream on a set schedule even if it’s just a few hours a week and do it consistently. You don’t have to stream at the same time every day, just find times that work for you throughout the week and stick to them. After picking a schedule be sure to tell people via any and all of your available socials.

“Having your viewers know where and when to find you is crucial. It helps them create a routine around your stream times.” - Elegy

“Having a schedule is one of the best things you can do as a streamer. It allows your viewers to know when to expect you online & encourages them to keep coming back at the same times every week to hang out!” - Bajheera

Let viewers know you’re live

When you are ready to stream, be sure to notify your viewers. Notifications are important to build a relationship with your viewers and remind them to tune in to your channel.

When you tap the “go live” button notifications are sent to viewers on the website, to their mobile device, or via email. Go Live notifications are “smart” so viewers will only receive one notification in the most relevant place. Ask your chat to turn on notifications while you’re live or to check and make sure that they’re still on if they’ve been in your community for awhile.

go live notification on web


 Here are some tips for making the most of your notifications:
  • Personalize and get creative with your message to viewers. Think of something funny, encouraging, or purposefully wrong to entice them to click on your notification. 
  • Try out different messages each time you stream to see which works best over time – you can view the performance in your Dashboard.
  • Remind viewers to follow your channel so that they receive future notifications and you grow your audience.

For more resources on Go Live Notifications check out our more technical Help Article here.

Give viewers a reason to watch.

Viewers come to Twitch for all sorts of reasons, and knowing what they’re looking for can help you decide what kind of stream to develop. Below you’ll find some of the most common themes, but many of the most successful channels contain a mixture of two or more of these elements.

A particular game

If you love a certain type of game, own it. Viewers often visit Twitch because they have a passion for a specific game or hobby and look for channels that specialize in that content. You can be that channel.

Skills and knowledge

Some streamers focus on the ins and outs of a game, provide tips and tricks, and display a level of skill many viewers aspire to. If you’ve mastered a game try sharing some “Pro Tips” with your viewers like your favorite tricks, and put your skills to the test by streaming competitive matches.


Some of the best experiences on Twitch are built around pure entertainment. Try talking with your chat about anything you find entertaining, even if it’s not related to the game or hobby you’re streaming. Remember, because you’re streaming live, spontaneous moments are par for the course. Embrace them! The more fun you’re having the more fun chat might be having along with you.

Community Focus 

Some streamer communities center themselves around shared interests and those are largely determined by you and what you share on stream. Twitch is a two way street. Let your community join the conversation while you’re on stream. Try to remember your most common viewers names, talk to the ones who like to chat, and learn about them. Its safe to say treating people like people will go a long way as you build your community.

Now that you’ve got the the basics of building your channel and figuring out what you’re going to do while live on Twitch. It’s time for you to test them out. Pick a day and time to stream, tell people when you plan to stream and what you’ll be streaming and go live! Be sure to check out more Creator Camp articles like the Community Guidelines.