Watch Games As Nature Intended. On Your Big Screen.

Experience Twitch in your living room thanks to Xbox One


Instantly show the world what you’re playing

With Twitch on Xbox One, you can watch live broadcasts of your favorite games, the best players and top gaming events from around the world. If you see a broadcaster that you love, follow their channel to be notified when there is live content.

Broadcasting lets friends watch and interact with your game—all in real-time.  To start, just say
"Xbox, Broadcast" or launch it from the Twitch app.

Your big screen just got bigger

Watch live broadcasts of the biggest games, from the biggest players, and the biggest events.

Look ma, no hands

Command the Twitch app with your voice or simply by waving your hands.

Multitask in a snap

Instantly jump from playing a game to watching a live broadcast of it. Then, do both at the same time by snapping your screens side by side.

Twitch achievements unlocked

Spend as much time watching Minecraft on Twitch as you did recreating The Reichstag? We’ve got 10 rewards for you to earn then.

One guide to view them all

Use The OneGuide on Xbox One to find top games, players and featured events broadcasting live on Twitch at that moment.

Home Is Where Twitch Is

Make sure you pin Twitch to your home screen so that it's always easy to find & launch.

Play with the broadcasters you follow

Wanna get in the game you’re viewing? Send the broadcaster a request to join his or her party.

Initiate Broadcasting With Your Voice

Start a broadcast with just two words, "Xbox Broadcast"

Customize Your Picture-in-Picture

Position your Kinect Camera to suit the game you’re playing

Read All Of Your Twitch Chat

See what your viewers are saying with a full chat experience

Viewers Can Join Your Party

Fans of your broadcast can play with you by sending a party request

Get Xbox One exclusives & updates from Twitch

Don't have an Xbox One quite yet? Make sure you check out Twitch on Xbox 360.