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Me (Shaddy) and Gecko/Raid shoots down Puddn's Huey

Recorded Oct 1 2012 on puddn 3:19 46

So me and Raid manages to shot down the chopper with a UAZ .30 cal, we were pretty happy about it :P We die after Puddn parachutes down to the ground and snipes us with a AS50 tho :/ Dont know what you guys were talking about not hitting you besides only 1 shot tho, on both me and raids screen we could see multiple hits that caused smoke on the chopper.. I guess it was just desync and lagg since even the choppger gunner couldnt hit us for shit..

DayZ Mid-air Collision (@Rmod)

Recorded Oct 1 2012 on puddn 1:10 0

Great way to end the cast, isn't it?


Recorded Aug 8 2012 on puddn 0:41 1

fun night

1 civilian, 2 terrorists

Recorded Aug 1 2012 on puddn 1:31 0

bravo vs terrorists

1600+ Meter Headshot

Recorded Aug 3 2012 on puddn 1:03 254

Playing Takistan Life, I made a 1600+ meter kill with 1 shot on a target behind an armored Humvee.