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Urgent Fury is a Tournament Community set on creating online console tournaments that focus on our motto "Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity" We are all about sportsmanship.

Member Videos

Lightning V Part 2

Recorded Oct 7 2012 on UrgentFury 39:00 0

Check out the second half of MLG Starhawk Challenge Winner shows of his knifing skills.

Lightning V Part 1

Recorded Oct 7 2012 on UrgentFury 23:54 1

Check it out as the winner of the MLG Starhawk $500 Challenge on Knifing shows off his skills

Scoring Issue with Gatekeeper

Recorded Oct 4 2012 on UrgentFury 4:00 1

Phoenix grabs the ball hits the rings and goes for the no score

Starhawk Pod Launcher

Recorded Sep 25 2012 on UrgentFury 0:26 0

Open up the big map, aim and fire

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Game Play

Recorded Apr 25 2012 on UrgentFury 33:41 0

This is the latest mode Saboteur. It reminds us a lot of Socom

Radio PlayStation - 07.21.15

Recorded Jul 22 12am on RadioPlayStation 2:00:03 1

Radio PlayStation - Rocket League

Recorded Jul 19 9pm on RadioPlayStation 1:44:35 0