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Urgent Fury is a Tournament Community set on creating online console tournaments that focus on our motto "Win with Honor, Lose with Dignity" We are all about sportsmanship.

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New cod DLC with Buster_

Recorded Mar 13th 2am on UrgentFury 1:56 1

New cod DLC with Buster_

Recorded Mar 11th 1am on UrgentFury 3:32 1

$15,000 Groundwar Challenge at Game Pazzo in Chicago Replay

Recorded aug 3rd 4pm on UrgentFury 14:20:27 288

Unite takes home first place with Average Joe's coming in a close second in this 15 team double elimination event.

David Sears from SOF Studios dives into H Hour

Recorded Jun 22nd 11pm on UrgentFury 3:14:33 671

David takes in questions with the live questions about H-Hour: Worlds Elite and the countdown to the KickStarter http://bit.ly/ufsupportshhour

The Last Of Us MP w/ Crazy_S #PSMVP

Recorded apr 17th 4am on RadioPlayStation 1:25:57 0

Greatness Awaits 24hr Stream!

Recorded Nov 9th 12am on RadioPlayStation 24:22:13 98