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Sup everybody. Name's Matrix but you can call me Maurice. I'm the casual streamer that likes to have fun, the Matrix Style. I play a wide variety of games. Doesn't matter what actually. Come join my world and let's have fun! Also follow me on Twitter, Steam, and Skype.
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The Elite Broadcaster Team (The E.B. Team) has many personalities & casters from around the World. Info section will be updated soon. The submission form (linked just above) can also be used for possible Team member joining inquires as well. Make sure to make note in the last box if it's for Charity Marathon or the Team.

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TheEBStream: - Community Channel ft Charity, MP, Events. Admins: PlayInPuddles, Gaming_Phobia & DaKong
aMdivided: - Voiceactor, horrible dancer & variety gamer extraordinaire!
Arkadeum: - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo "Tuturials", casuals, MP games, FPS's plus retro gaming. Sick setup.
Bbeenn88: - Retro is King here, digs old-school shooters and DKC games. Gaming from overseas.
BileHazard: - An all around PC Gamer, expect the games of this generation here. A mix of genre's.
BondJuan: - Random antics, semi-serious gaming Kappa, obscure "Underground" & really funny.
Boxfat: - NES game SDA speedrunner, always willing to w the Adventure genre & loves that retro.
bru74lbutt3rf1y: - *NEW MEMBER* "/me Insert Witty Comment Here." #Kappa
DaKong: - Team Admin, Plays RPGs he missed during childhood, occasionally bit of retro & random gaming.
DrFunkz: - Funky Fros & casual gaming with Funky Plungers.
EddyVegasGaming: - *NEW MEMBER* He'll play anything once.
ExtraGuy: - Known for his retro skills Is a late nite, cool, laided back, chill gaming.
FonzGame: - True sheep lover, gamer and rocker. "Heyyyyy it's alright in my book!"
GamingWithMist: - Stream feat. RPG's, retro games, & the legendary "kitty cam."
Gaming_Phobia: - Team Admin, SMB3, RPG fan, plays new games as well as retro.
HeyOT6: - Twitch.TV's Mad Video Game Scientist. Professional Blind playthroughs!
ItsMiDestiny: - *NEW MEMBER* Plays alot of survivor horror and loves to giggle.
Kevin780313: - New gen gamer on PC / PS3. Likes a variety of games w. a great personality. From Taiwan.
KOHPelord: - Veteran gamer who is passionate about gaming, also does Podcasts.
LateNightPoker: - *NEW MEMBER* Since 2011, longest running poker show on the internet.
MagicD250: - Dives into the Mega Man series, Bind of Isaac runs & enjoys the classics.
MatrixMandible5432: - The variety gaming caster who knows how to have a good time.
MayhemBunny: - Plays whatever she can. Hops around to complete her goal of hugging all the people.
MironixPL2: - Sit down, grab some pop corn and a bottle of grog or on the plank with You!
MironixDevelop: - 01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100001
MultiTrackGaming: - 720P casts, always down for late nite sessions, retro Sonic fanatic but "Enjoy the Burst!"
MysticSeeker: - Super friendly caster, "This time, things will be different...MUCH MORE different."
Nejasu: - The man from the land of chocolate, brings you sweet entertainment.
NightQuaker: - All kinds of games here, really weird ones in particular. "Vectrex master race!"
Ozric1847: Retro gaming lover, arcade as well. Prefers the Ghosts 'N Goblins series the most.
PlayInPuddles: - Team Admin, casual console / PC gamer & goal: beat 50 games a yr on Stream (no dupes).
ReefGuzzler: - Loves playing a variety of games casual & competitively. Digs the NES & DOS roots.
RibbedKilla: - Stream until you die RibbedKillaMan!
SirHeck: - *NEW MEMBER* Australian that plays anything he can get his hands on.
SeanCass: - Legend of Zelda LttP (SNES) speedrunner, with some other Retro or RPG's mixed in.
Sinfonianrhapsody: - Genre's of choice FPS's, platformers and of course RPG's. PC, PS1, PS3 and Retro gamer.
SqueakyB: - *NEW MEMBER* Can have fun with nearly any game. Casual/PC gal from TN.
Syzenna: - That one Asian variety gamer caster every Team needs. Kappa
Texas_Size: - That guy that grinds RPG's. He may or may not be from Texas.


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