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Playing games is a hobby, giggling is a way of life. ^_^
This is the place where us derps chill and chat. We play all kinds of games like gta, rock band, cod (zombies and multi.) Pick a stream chill and be sure to share the team page.
Team Channel rules:
1. Please respect other streamers when raiding them after you finish streaming.
2. Help out when you can with other team streamers

**Joining the Derps does not mean your channel will grow overnight. It is a team meant to bring together a group of streamers who enjoy chilling with each other's channels and interacting on a high level with one other**

Requirements to join The Derps:
1. Must have a decent quality stream
2. Must be able to interact with viewers.
4. Must be a regular in one of the team channels It may take a couple days to respond, please be patient. Message Freepoints with your schedule of when you stream, a little about what you stream (i.e., what games you play,game types, what systems you play)