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Hi im Seadawg also known as "Micky D" I am 21 years old i stream PC and X1 only I try to make the stream entertaining as possible so feel free to talk in chat and ill do my best to keep it entertaining
This is the place where us derps chill and chat. We play all kinds of games like gta, rock band, cod (zombies and multi.) Pick a stream chill and be sure to share the team page.
Team Channel rules:
1. Please respect other streamers when raiding them after you finish streaming.
2. Help out when you can with other team streamers

**Joining the Derps does not mean your channel will grow overnight. It is a team meant to bring together a group of streamers who enjoy chilling with each other's channels and interacting on a high level with one other**

Requirements to join The Derps:
1. Must have a decent quality stream
2. Must be able to interact with viewers.
4. Must be a regular in one of the team channels It may take a couple days to respond, please be patient. Message Freepoints with your schedule of when you stream, a little about what you stream (i.e., what games you play,game types, what systems you play)