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My name is Sacriel, a lifelong gamer and sniper fanatic. My channel is part of the most amazing community on Twitch known as the 42nd. Drop by and watch a stream, if you like what you see then hit follow and become part of the most awesome community on Twitch.
The 42nd is a community, not a clan. There are no applications or initiations to being in the 42nd - just by being an active viewer you are a part of the 42nd! The streaming team is made up of dapper individuals from the 42nd community and friends who believe in respect, positivity, and integrity. We love interacting and sharing our gaming experiences - imparting our own knowledge as well as learning from our viewers! If you are interested in becoming a part of the 42nd Twitch Team, please send a PM to ShannonZKiller. Check this link for more info on the 42nd!