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All memories fade in time, like tears in the rain

B_boy_sergo26 - my European friend & fellow breakdancer he speedruns Megaman, Donkey Kong, Kirby & Zelda
Bboyvenom - plays a wide variety from classic to modern games & loves horror survival! ^-^ *Head-Admin of S.I.D.*
Bluebomber285 - charges his buster calls it his thruster and speedruns puzzle fighter! :o
Castlevaniagirl - a sweet, kind, cute and charming streamer that doesn't stream enough Castelvania :P
Darkbeardini - a fighting game enthusiast. Dubbed aka "The best gamer alive" has returned B-)
Deranged_Squirrel_Fighter - provides plenty of salty rage goodness what a beautiful beast!
Dk28 - is a speed-demos-archive member & a very welcoming personality. Gorilla Kong destroys Contra :)
Eternal_ashes - dives right into the finest of RPGs and packs them with action and mayhem! I AM CANADIAN!
Extraguy - is working on completing all the Game Gear games. We started the Fri & Sat Retro Race Nights :D
Fatpally - a great place to relax, come by for the awesome dungeon crawling thrill and get your grind on!
Feedbackgaming - has a funny, exciting and entertaining personality he likes to communicate with his viewers :)
Ffmasterfoobar - my beast friend Foobar is very knowledgeable about his retro! it's Retro Gaming Heaven baby!
GamezRHard - a channel hosted by two amazing Canadians Sam & Andrew please ask them what it's all aboot!
Globeman612 - has the BEST commentary around come on in grab a seat and enjoy :)
Kenshinesca - plays a good variety of PC and console games. He is very respectful to everyone :D
Keyurai - is a polite & welcoming streamer who enjoys Pokemon, Mario and RPGs he streams 3DS too
Lee1302's - my Resident Evil gaming partner and awesome buddy :D *S.I.D. Administrator*
Locolute - baddest of the bad homeboys a buddy could ask for Loco is a supreme boss B-)
Mattfaqs - runs an amazing channel, his mods are chill, he plays.... Kappa tickle your fancy come on in!
Miolinkko - is a dedicated gamer and super cool guy, he has a very interactive chat. Couch crusaders!
Poco9091 - a wonderful SUPER NICE person that makes smiling all too easy :D
Raichu845 - a streamer from Europe he produces streams intense enough to knock your socks off their rockers!
Reefguzzler - Ganja Guzzlers In Space? Why yes! Enjoy the breeze & chillax. A point & click adventure may await!
Rock_Bottom - loves his fighting games you could catch Rock playing Silverload 24/ 7 :tf: vote for Rocko ಠ_ಠ
Smallfry1989 - a marvelous personality Smallfry is fun to watch and be around *S.I.D. Admin*
Streamersindisguise - this is our official marathon channel, you can catch us all here *Follow for updates*
Termina_ - home of Chiivistan and one of the most diverse gaming channels here on Twitch. N64 anyone? Kappa
Tre_selor - gives the next gen systems a run for their money with the abundance of retro pounding play :D
TripleSpeedRunners - a great group of streamers that host charity marathons for various good causes :D
Tropical_Pwnch - is really a Contra III speedrunning FrankerZ sent here from the future to deliver us teh urn!
Turtlemaw - the Englishman from London is an adventurous and mischievous one his PC gaming is stronk \o/
Victor149 - extremely easy to get along with Victor enjoys FPS's and PC gaming rated 10/10!
Whysoseriousgamingtv - plays GTA, FPS's & Indie occasionally he communicates with chat often :D
X4dr14nx - my amigo with exquisite taste in games those among them the Mega Man & Resident Evil series B-)
Xerobladedge - is a streamer worth following Xero speedruns Mega Man X4 #shoutouts to yolo 360 no scopes