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Spaz Doing Tricks

Recorded Apr 15 2012 on Crumps2 1:35 1,366


Singing "Under the Sea" - The Little Mermaid. (Requested By Chatia12)

Recorded Sep 20 2012 on Neohart 3:13 315

We were doing this world in Kingdom Hearts 2, and Chatia came up with the Idea of my singing along to it..... I did really well for just reading the words on the screen LOL! <3 Chatia <3

Spaz Cam

Recorded Apr 21 2012 on Crumps2 1:16 871

Crumps switches to the Spazcam for a short bit only to have Spaz want the scene to stay on him by using his tail.


Recorded Sep 30 4am on Obdajr 39:19 0

Chrono Trigger Any%

Recorded Sep 30 3am on Obdajr 1:40:41 2

Chrono Trigger Any% fine tuning

Recorded Sep 21 10pm on Obdajr 27:56 4

Chrono Trigger Any% fine tuning

Recorded Sep 21 8pm on Obdajr 1:56:31 3