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Spaz Doing Tricks

Recorded Apr 15 2012 on Crumps2 1:35 1,367


Singing "Under the Sea" - The Little Mermaid. (Requested By Chatia12)

Recorded Sep 20 2012 on Neohart 3:13 315

We were doing this world in Kingdom Hearts 2, and Chatia came up with the Idea of my singing along to it..... I did really well for just reading the words on the screen LOL! <3 Chatia <3

Spaz Cam

Recorded Apr 21 2012 on Crumps2 1:16 871

Crumps switches to the Spazcam for a short bit only to have Spaz want the scene to stay on him by using his tail.

Mega Man 8 54:34

Recorded Jan 2 2012 on Obdajr 56:16 0

deathless run

Mega Man 8 Tengu Man Stage Demo

Recorded Dec 24 2011 on Obdajr 3:58 0

Mega Man 8 Tengu Man Stage Demo 3:54 not including boss, 3 bolts collected: 1 before first bubble section, one on rush jet part 2 after the mini boss, one in the final wind section platforms.

Mega Man 8 Grenade Man Stage Demo

Recorded Dec 24 2011 on Obdajr 2:38 0

Mega Man 8 Grenade Man Stage Demo 2:36 not including boss, only one bolt before the mini boss mini boss trolled me but the level went good

Mega Man 8 Intro stage demo

Recorded Dec 24 2011 on Obdajr 1:19 0

Mega Man 8 Intro stage demo 1:15 not including cutscenes

personal best mmx 100% 40:09:56

Recorded Aug 30 2011 on Obdajr 41:06 0

a lot of little mistakes, missed the dillo skip...

Beast Mode-ing the Dragon Crossing!

Recorded Oct 13 2012 on Jeggerd 2:33 0

Apparently, crossing this bridge takes forever and requires taking a side path....I ain't got time for dat!

Crazy students rant

Recorded Aug 18 2012 on Jeggerd 27:04 0

I just had to go off for a minute (or 30) about the crazy students I had to proctor today. Made me so mad! Also I noticed the sound is kinda funny sometimes, I'm gonna keep tabs on this to see if it's a mic thing. I should probably get a wireless mic at some point anyway...