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Attending PAX East? Check out our blog for all on-site activities including Twitch-related panels, booth activities, broadcaster signings, and much more. Scroll down the page for stream schedules.

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Broadcast Master Schedule (all times EST)

Official PAX East Main Theatre Stream (

10:30AM: TBD Storytime w/ Dan Connors
11:30AM: Penny Arcade Q&A
1:00PM: Rooster Teeth
2:00PM: ESL Arena @ PAX
8:30PM: Musical Presentations by SGB, Triforce Quartet, & Paul and Storm

10:30AM: Penny Arcade - Make a Strip!
12:00PM: ESL Arena @ PAX
4:00PM: A Look (and Listen) Behind the League of Legends Music
5:00PM: ESL Arena @ PAX
8:00PM: Musical Presentations by Freezepop, Bit Brigade, & MC Frontalot

10:30AM: Inside Gearbox Software
11:30AM: ESL Arena @ PAX
1:30PM: Acquisitions Inc.
3:30PM: ESL Arena @ PAX
5:30PM: Omegathon Final Round

Official PAX East Albatross Theatre Stream (

10:30AM: Blizzard Preview: Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm
12:00PM: League of Legends Content Creator Q&ampA Panel
1:30PM: Polaris Presents: Markiplier & Friends
3:00PM: Magic: The Gathering Panel
4:30PM: YouTube Gaming Evolution
6:00PM: GUNS N RICO - Just Cause 3's Appetite for Destruction
7:30PM: Ahri There Yet? The Journey of Champion Design For League of Legends
9:00PM: Giant Bomb 2015 FY2015 Kickoff & PowerPoint Presentation

10:30AM: What it Takes to Build a Next Gen Open World Game
12:00PM: Talking FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward with Naoki Yoshida
1:30PM: SMITE: Cracking the MOBA market on PC and Xbox One
3:00PM: Behind the Game Designs of FINAL FANTASY XV
4:30PM: Pillars of Eternity with Obsidian Entertainment
6:00PM: Building the Right PC for You
7:30PM: Twitch Town Hall: Pitch Twitch + Q&A
9:00PM: 404ing it: Breaking (Down) the Internet
10:30PM: Day Z : Storytelling through Player Interaction

10:30AM: More Video Game Wrestling Nonsese At ... PAXMANIA!
12:00PM: LoadingReadyRun: Making Funny Things
1:30PM: Mindcrack - Gaming as a Group
3:00PM: Qwizards Live: Gaming Quiz Show presented by Wikia
4:30PM: Dropped Frames: Inside the Minds of Full Time Streamers

Twitch Booth Stream (

11AM: Indie Mega Booth
11:20AM: Infinite Crisis
11:30AM:Partner Spotlight: QMGSaint
11:45AM: Guild Wars Expansion
12:00PM: Adult Swim Games
12:30PM: Smite for Xbox One
12:45PM: Partner Spotlight: TheOfficialLou
1:00PM: Wikia: Sid Meier's Starships
1:20PM: Partner Spotlight: ShyTomb
1:30PM: Amazon Games
2:00PM: Amazon Fire
2:30PM: Microsoft - Ori &amp the Blind Forest and Screamride
3:00PM: Gigantic/Motiga
3:30PM: Unsung Heroes of Twitch: Events and Parties
3:45PM: Magic The Gathering
4:00PM: Twitch Weekly
4:30PM: Heroes of the Storm: New Look at Sylvanas and Tomb of the Spider
4:45PM: Ken Levine, creative director for BioShock and BioShock Infinite
5:00PM: Devolver Digital Movies: Ronin, Not A Hero, Tital Souls, and Dropsy
6:00PM: Live Premiere of "Gameplay: Story of the Videogame Revolution"

10:30AM: TBD
11AM: Guild of Dungeoneering
11:15AM: Afro Samurai
11:45AM: Mike Luxion Indie Game Showcase
12:00PM: Paperbound
1:00PM: Wikia: Witcher 3
1:20PM: Partner Spotlight: MrsViolence
1:30PM: Amazon Games
2:00PM: Amazon Fire
2:30PM: Microsoft - State of Decay and Battlefield Hardline
3:00PM: Magic The Gathering
3:15PM: Unsung Heroes of Twitch: Customer Support
3:30PM: Indie Megabooth
4:00PM: Hotline Miami 2
4:15PM: L.A. Cops
4:30PM: Heroes of the Storm: Trivia w/ Josh RZ
4:45PM: H1Z1
5:00PM: Vainglory Tournament
5:45PM: IndieBox

10:15AM: Gungho/Nintendo at PAX East
10:30AM: Tinybuild Games Power Hour
11:30AM: Partner Spotlight: SirScoots
11:45AM: Force of Elements
12:00PM: Armikrog
12:15PM: ReverbGames
1:00PM: Wikia: WarFrame
1:20PM: Partner Spotlight: Echoics
1:30PM: Amazon Games
2:00PM: Amazon Fire
2:30PM: Indie Megabooth
4:30PM: Partner Spotlight: EatMyDiction
5:00PM: Vainglory Tournament
5:45PM: Event Wrap Up

Turtle Beach Broadcaster Zone


12:00PM: ms_vixen
2:00PM: 8bithomo
4:00PM: TBD


12:00PM: Crream
2:00PM: tehmorag
4:00PM: swifty


12:00PM: bajheero
2:00PM: Ellohime
4:00PM: iKasper