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PURE METAL GEAR! The whole series, canon and non-canon games, ALWAYS on highest difficulties. Always Live! We're known for full series: story marathons, Big Boss ranks, In-depth easter egg runs, commentary etc. Full series marathons have gone up to 200+ hours! Streamers: Knight, Drk29 &Threedogg

Network Info

In its current form, the Outer Heaven Network is composed of, and co-founded by, Twitchs most well known Metal Gear series broadcasters. As a group we're known for doing intense Metal Gear series story marathons on the main channel (uKnighted) as well as rank runs etc. The highest difficulties only, across all gaming platforms that Metal Gear has been on.

On our individual channels (uKnightmare, Threedogg & Drk29) you'll see them used as gaming variety channels. Expect to see anything played on them!

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Threedogg & uKnighteds pure Metal Gear series Youtube channel. Featuring A LOT of Extreme/E-Extreme strategies & highlights from across the series. Also, the playlists are filled with Metal Gear "Making ofs", documentaries, cutscenes, music, self made game analysis.. and more *-*

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MGN is our official web-site news source for everything Metal Gear. Up to date and extensive info about upcoming Metal Gear games and home of some wicked MGS Forums. Check it out!