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Retro Games? Yes! Nightly Casts? Yes! Blind Playthroughs? Yes! Dbry Fan? Yes! Yes! Yes! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

Official Rules
Rule #1: Do not post porn links
Rule #2: Do not post links to roms or emulators (this is probably breaking the ToS of Twitch)
Rule #3: Please do not be a backseat gamer.
Rule #4: No Spoilers (should be obvious)
Rule #5: Respect thy chain o' command! --> Keyword: Respect
(If anyone has any additional rules they want me to add for the group, let me know)

Various / About Us
This group is mainly composed of a group of casters that are somewhat dedicated to casting/streaming during the night time hours.
Overall, we are just a chill bunch of guys and girls looking to have good times and alot of fun. Some of us like to rage, others like to jam, but when it comes down to it we all all night owls by heart.

Arek1985: A great well known caster that started during late 2010. He has built an empire upon rpgs, zelda, and mario classics.Whether you're new to streaming or a veteran yourself, you can always find a friendly voice during the early morning hours with this caster.

Rasher24: Another early night - late night caster, rasher is one of the original participants of the mario 64 invitiational and had a fairly impressive run in it. She is a big fan of genesis titles and plays strange and peculiar titles. Some of her more known playthroughs have been Sonic, Toe Jam & Earl and Banjo Tooie.

Maduo: The founder of Nightwatch, and a late night gamer to boot. Mad plays a variety of games, and often goes on tangents and rants from time to time. He is most known to be a no-bullshit type person and bans regularly for breaking the rules. His likes includes rpgs, strategy, and very cute girls. A Boshy.

PrinceBatman: A Venerable mellow late night caster. Batman is known around jtv for playing many mario hacks and his infamous no-death run of mario 1. With a chill attitude, his style of "What it is" gaming is unparralled for a nice place to sit back and enjoy some classic retro for the night.

WhenChukAttacks: Chuk is one of the more well known users on jtv and a great gamer that spans the scope from retro to rockstar. No game is safe for when chuk attacks, scores and tables alike will be broken! Chuk is a stalwart denizen of the gaming realm and is a fairly good gamer with a relaxing chill and upbeat attitude to boot. If you need a good place to sit back and relax chuk's arcade is definitely the place for you. A Boshy. Chuk has recently acquired a new quest of fatherhood, as such he will most likely not be casting as much.

BoydTheMilkman: Boyd is a fun caster that focuses primarily on platformers from the past all the way to the present. His easygoing, positive attitude will have you coming back time and time again to hang out and enjoy the classics. Come for the games, stay for the milk.

PhillyWild302: If I nicknamed every caster in nightwatch, Philly would be most definitely be named giggles. This guy loves to laugh and have a good time. He loves to cast retro games and is not afraid to show it by playing some of the most obscure titles you've ever heard of. Whether you're on top of the world or down in the gutter, popping into Philly's chat just to say "Hi" will always brighten up your day.

LegendsAndLions: aka. sandlion. aka. legendsand. aka. NDlion. aka. endsand. aka. NDSLion. is a great retro caster that takes akin to older genre gaming that has been meshed out of most of the newer titles. Playing such games as SMRPG, and some of the 3D megaman games. He's also quite familiar with most rpgs. Aside from his intensive knowledge of RPGs, he has also been known to play some pretty oddball games like euro truck simulator. If you're up for a relaxing but interesting evening then it's definitely worth it to follow and check him out.

Casting Times
Start ----------- End
Maduo: Night Cast: ~12:30 AM - 6:30 AM (EST)
Day Cast: ~4:00 PM - 10:00 PM(EST)

Arek1985: ~Varies. ~9:00 AM (EST) Due to arek getting a life his casting time has been highly varied and inconsistent. Often likes to cast in the mornings before work now sporadically..

Rasher24: ~11:59 PM - 3:30 AM (EST): Monday -> Friday

PrinceBatman: ~Due to him getting married and teaching career, batman does not cast often. (EST)

(Due to chuk having a life, a wife, and a kid, all times are rough estimations and may or may not occur) ~11:00 PM - 2:00 AM (EST) ~10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

BoydTheMilkman: ~Boyd changed his name to garrettbdude, casting time is erratic at best.

PhillyWild302: ~Can no longer cast on a consistent daily basis due to life issues. May be back in the future.

If I have any of these wrong/incorrect, please msg me.

A quick lesson.
~ is a tilda, in mathematics it usually means "about" or "close to".

All times were done in EST, also known as Eastern Standard Time. EST is exactly 3 hours ahead of West Coast time or "Pacific Standard Time".

Not all casters that belong to this group live on the east coast.