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The ORIGINAL and REAL #kkona! // Director Event Management and Production at Double A Events, Austin TX. This is my personal channel

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First BF3 Beta Game on 360

Recorded Sep 29 2011 on MuRRaY 10:22 0


Victory Dance Double Kill!

Recorded Mar 19 2011 on MuRRaY 0:28 1

Epic victory dance double kill is epic.

Go Ninja Go Ninja GO!

Recorded Mar 1 2011 on MuRRaY 1:03 5

Vanilla Ice in da heezy!


Recorded Feb 20 2011 on MuRRaY 0:20 3



Recorded Jul 23 2010 on MuRRaY 1:42 1

A wild MOOOOOOOSE has appeared!

Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta

Recorded Oct 6 2012 on FOULMOUTHGAMER 15:05 0

Just playing the new beta with a few friends

Biomonkey takes out pilot with Rocket (Battlefield 3 Gameplay)

Recorded Nov 3 2011 on Biomonkey 0:30 0

Biomonkey takes out a helicopter pilot with a rocket launcher.

Car decided to do the Spin Cycle (Gears of War 1 Gameplay)

Recorded Sep 16 2011 on Biomonkey 1:53 0

After clearing the area, I happened across a weird glitch.

Bio Survives a Direct Impact Headshot

Recorded Aug 22 2011 on Biomonkey 0:19 0

Biomonkey is hit in the face with a M203 grenade and survives long enough to kill the man who fired it.

Untitled Broadcast

Recorded Jul 25 2011 on Biomonkey 0:20 0

Biomonkey uses a stationary AT to take out a enemy CAV.