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Wolv21 is the name. I've enjoyed games all my life and now for your viewing pleasure. Make yourself at home and always remember to Rock On! \m/

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The Announcement!

Recorded Jun 26 8pm on JimDrizzle 49:38 18

Operation Pickup with random car explosion!

Recorded Aug 4 2012 on MelloAce 53:48 0

Picking up team members when the car decides to randomly blow up.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Playthough

Recorded Jul 22 2012 on MelloAce 2:00:00 0

Part of my Batman: Arkham Asylum blind playthrough.

Mmmph mmmm mmmph

Recorded Jul 14 2012 on MelloAce 6:10 0

>.> <.<

Amnesia CS The Ravensgate Castle playthough

Recorded Jul 6 2012 on MelloAce 16:49 3

Playing through the custom story Ravensgate Castle on stream.

Killing a guy for his bike...

Recorded Jun 29 2012 on MelloAce 2:16 0

I really have gone day evil in day z...