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http://harddrop.com Hard Drop is a Tetris community for all Tetris players, regardless of skill level or which version of Tetris you play. We are all united by our common love of Tetris.

Hard Drop is a Tetris and gaming community for all players, regardless of skill level.

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About the Streamers

Name: Blink
Real name: John Tran
Games: Tetris, League of Legends
Role(s): Competitor
Blink is the founder of the Hard Drop Tetris community, and is one of the most decorated competitive Tetris players. He has earned championship titles across multiple versions of Tetris; he is currently the reigning North American champion, and has remained within the top three best competitive Tetris players in the world. He also likes to play League of Legends, where he has achieved 2480 elo (Diamond I), maining AD carry.

Name: Parkzer
Real name: Adam
Games: Tetris, League of Legends, Miscellaneous
Role(s): Shoutcaster, personality
Parkzer is an experienced multimedia content creator and producer who has worked in the Internet industry for many years. He is known for his high-action, high-energy shoutcasting style, as well as his ability to form a psychological and emotional bond with the audience so they can feel what he is feeling. Although he plays most games at an excelling level, he prefers not to be a competitor, and instead focuses on shoutcasting.

Name: Virulent
Real name: Lucia
Games: Tetris, Guild Wars 2
Role(s): Shoutcaster
Virulent, sometimes referred to as the Goddess of Tetris, has been playing Tetris since 1999. Not only is she a flavorful, fan-favorite tournament commentator, she is also a highly-regarded female player, proving that women can, in fact, be a part of the top-tier gamers. Virulent is deeply involved with the community, and is seen by many as a positive role model.

Name: Paradox / Someone2Knoe
Real Name: Pierce
Games: Starcraft II, Tetris
Role(s): Competitor, shoutcaster
Paradox is a veteran gamer who has a vast knowledge base and strong fundamentals of gaming mechanics. He takes an intelligent, analytical approach to games and works to further his skills. He is best known for his sharpness of mind, as well as his selfless personality and inclination to help others and contribute to the greater good. Paradox has achieved masters status maining Zerg on Starcraft II, and is one of the world's fastest Tetris players.