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Hello all! Welcome to my stream! I am a speedrunner who enjoys the classic games. Feel free to stick around. Come and say hello!

The Fast Force is a group dedicated to speedrunners as well as races and blind races on SRL. We have a Skype group with over 100 participants, if you'd like to join the Skype group, add omgfierce on Skype. If you want to join the team, register on our Website and fill out a Recruitment Form

We welcome everyone, including people new to the speedrunning community. We can even help you get setup to stream and participate in races on SpeedRunsLive! We have tutorials in our Teamspeak server as well as people who are willing to help and explain things if you are new.

You might also find some League of Legends, Stepmania, and Osu and casual gaming on here!

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