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Bloaty Crouch Laughing.

Recorded Aug 11 2012 on KaboomzZz 2:58 6

Ohhhhhh myyyy goddddddddddddd LOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL...

Untitled Broadcast

Recorded Jul 15 2011 on Cakesphere 0:05 0

Shaidar Getting US 2nd Level 90

Recorded Sep 25 2012 on Shaidyadvice 2:01 3

So in my efforts to secure server first lvl 90 I apparently got US 2nd and if you count from the time of launch to level 90 I was world 10th. I wish I had known I was on track for doing that well as I might not have slacked off so much after knowing I had server 1st locked down.

Mesmer Doing Ascalonian Catacombs Story Mode

Recorded Aug 29 2012 on Shaidyadvice 1:28:06 1

I do most of this instance with sword-pistol/greatsword. It's my first time through and also with a PUG so it wasn't always pretty. Ranged mobs hit like trucks and you can't always tell who they have targeted!!!

Warlock Raid Testing Elegon Heroic 10 man

Recorded Jul 27 2012 on Shaidyadvice 10:02 1

This was our kill of the 10 man testing of this encounter, keep in mind the last phase was bugged for us at the time of testing so we just decided to kill it.

Warlock Tanking Garalon Raid testing

Recorded Jun 28 2012 on Shaidyadvice 9:06 0

This was the best pull we had in this 80% pug group while testing this boss. Hit the enrage wipe due to really bad pug dps. Enjoy!

Lock Tanking Challenge Mode Shattered Halls

Recorded Jul 1 2012 on Shaidyadvice 35:05 0

This was a 3 guild mates and 2 pug attempt at this instance. As you'll hear us mention in Mumble, a gold clear would take coordinated CCing at a level that you'd really need 5 "regulars". I'll upload a gold clear when we get 5 guild mate all on at the same time. Please enjoy for now!