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Hello, the name is Val. On this channel I stream all types of games,and consoles ranging from GameCube to Xbox 360,and other consoles. I'm known for streaming horror games.Since that's what I have been doing since the JTV Days. For stream updates follow my twitter @villan22 :V
30th Birthday Coutdown Congrats to Kittyrawr for getting partnered next step Sub button hype. #CGN helping streams since 2012.Happy New Year 2015!!!!!! Happy New Years from our Families to yours! Germany wins 2014 World Cup European Power! Valon22 Presents: Val's 30th Birthday Bash Marathon: Friday, February 20th-Monday, February 23rd,2015 Schedule: New Twitch Team Members: MizBanks,Lyneee,360chrism,Simpleflips,and Otakuhaven72. The Crew Loungel4an.jpg

Mission Statement: We strive to bring you the best games,quality, chat interaction,and chat experience for the viewer's pleasure. CGN was created to bring together gamer's under one roof and with Valon22(Val) doing a 3 year challenge on we will continue to entertain you for years to come.

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GirlsGamingHouse is a group of streamers females,and males respectively click on the banner to go to their site.At this time the site is under construction visit@GGamingHouse on twitter to keep up to date with events,streams,and site info.

Interested in Joining?Message Valon22,or FuzzyPandagirl: Looking for current SpeedRunners: Zelda,Resident Evil,Mirror's Edge,Max Payne,Final Fantasy XIII,Grand Theft Auto IV,Grand Theft Auto V,Pokemon,Silent Hill,TheWalkingDead,LifeisStrange,Saint's Row,Zelda Majora's Mask,Zelda OOT(Ocarina of time),Zelda II,and Mario. New Year Resolutions:Play more games,Work,and most of all try to live our life like we do. Note:Will response to team invites as soon as possible my 12 year old computer is blinking amber so motherboard is fried waiting for replacement. -Valon22