Twitch Partner Program

Twitch Partners are an exclusive group of the world’s most popular video game broadcasters, personalities, leagues, teams and tournaments. If you love gaming as much as we do, and you think you have what it takes to be a Twitch Partner, we want to hear from you.

You have the power and flexibility to bring your viewers the highest quality video available anywhere on the Web.
Automatic Transcoding: Currently only available to Twitch Partners, automatic transcoding guarantees the best possible viewing experience for viewers. It allows our broadcasters to stream video at the highest quality. The video stream is then transcoded and available at low/medium/high as well as at best quality that you are sending to us, allowing slower Internet connections and mobile devices to watch lag-free.
  • Create Highlights: Your archive videos can be edited directly into highlight reels. Cut to the good stuff and give your viewers just the highlights.
  • Upload to Youtube: All of Archives and Highlights are available for automatic upload to your YouTube account. You can also allow your community to create Highlight reels themselves, and even upload them to YouTube for some crowd-sourced promotion.
Compare screenshots of LiquidTLO at five different qualities settings:
bitrate 1500
bitrate 1161
bitrate 768
bitrate 512
bitrate 384