Streaming Schedule


Xbox Showcase on Twitch


Storytime with Alex Rigopulos on PAX EAST 1

Heroes of the Storm - The Ultimate Blizzard Mashup on PAX EAST 2


WildStar on Twitch


TOME on Twitch

11:40 AM

2K on Twitch

12:00 PM

Rooster Teeth on PAX EAST 1

The Future of PC Gaming on PAX EAST 2

DayZ with Dean Hall on Twitch

12:30 PM

Nosgoth (SQUARE) on Twitch

1:00 PM

Indie Mega Booth on Twitch

1:30 PM

Is MOBA a Genre? The Design of Dawngate on PAX EAST 2

2:00 PM

Cards Against Humanity play Dark Souls 2 on Twitch

2:30 PM

WildStar: $#!& Just Got Real on PAX EAST 1

Murdered Soul Suspect (SQUARE) on Twitch

3:00 PM

Polaris Presents: Minecraft Super Block! on PAX EAST 2

Adult Swim Games on Twitch

4:00 PM

Sony Online Entertainment on Twitch

4:30 PM

(Unassigned on schedule) on PAX EAST 2

5:00 PM

NVIDIA. The Way It's Meant to be Played on PAX EAST 1

VideoBall on Twitch

6:00 PM

Square Enix Presents Murdered: Soul Suspect on Twitch

7:30 PM

What You Can Do to End Bile and Hatred in Games Culture on PAX EAST 2

8:30 PM

Friday Night Concerts - Bit Brigade on PAX EAST 1

9:00 PM

Inside Gaming: Go Deep! (Inside Gaming) on PAX EAST 2

9:45 PM

Friday Night Concerts - Metroid Metal on PAX EAST 1

10:30 PM

IGN Game Scoop! Live Podcast on PAX EAST 2

11:00 PM

Friday Night Concerts - Anamanaguchi on PAX EAST 1