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Attending PAX East? Check out our blog in the coming days for all on-site activities including Twitch-related panels, booth activities, broadcaster signings, and much more. Scroll down the page for stream schedules.

PAX East Giveaways

Broadcast Master Schedule (all times EST)

Official PAX East Main Theatre Stream (

10:30AM: TBD Storytime w/ Dan Connors
11:30AM: Penny Arcade Q&A
1:00PM: Rooster Teeth
2:00PM: ESL Arena @ PAX
8:30PM: Musical Presentations by SGB, Triforce Quartet, & Paul and Storm

10:30AM: Penny Arcade - Make a Strip!
12:00PM: ESL Arena @ PAX
4:00PM: A Look (and Listen) Behind the League of Legends Music
5:00PM: ESL Arena @ PAX
8:00PM: Musical Presentations by Freezepop, Bit Brigade, & MC Frontalot

10:30AM: Inside Gearbox Software
11:30AM: ESL Arena @ PAX
1:30PM: Acquisitions Inc.
3:30PM: ESL Arena @ PAX
5:30PM: Omegathon Final Round

Official PAX East Albatross Theatre Stream (

10:30AM: Blizzard Preview: Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm
12:00PM: League of Legends Content Creator Q&ampA Panel
1:30PM: Polaris Presents: Markiplier & Friends
3:00PM: Magic: The Gathering Panel
4:30PM: YouTube Gaming Evolution
6:00PM: GUNS N RICO - Just Cause 3's Appetite for Destruction
7:30PM: Ahri There Yet? The Journey of Champion Design For League of Legends
9:00PM: Giant Bomb 2015 FY2015 Kickoff & PowerPoint Presentation

10:30AM: What it Takes to Build a Next Gen Open World Game
12:00PM: Talking FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward with Naoki Yoshida
1:30PM: SMITE: Cracking the MOBA market on PC and Xbox One
3:00PM: Behind the Game Designs of FINAL FANTASY XV
4:30PM: Pillars of Eternity with Obsidian Entertainment
6:00PM: Building the Right PC for You
7:30PM: Twitch Town Hall: Pitch Twitch + Q&A
9:00PM: 404ing it: Breaking (Down) the Internet
10:30PM: Day Z : Storytelling through Player Interaction

10:30AM: More Video Game Wrestling Nonsese At ... PAXMANIA!
12:00PM: LoadingReadyRun: Making Funny Things
1:30PM: Mindcrack - Gaming as a Group
3:00PM: Qwizards Live: Gaming Quiz Show presented by Wikia
4:30PM: Dropped Frames: Inside the Minds of Full Time Streamers

Twitch Booth Stream (

11AM: Indie Mega Booth
11:20AM: Infinite Crisis
11:30AM:Partner Spotlight: QMGSaint
11:45AM: Guild Wars Expansion
12:00PM: Adult Swim Games
12:30PM: Smite for Xbox One
12:45PM: Partner Spotlight: TheOfficialLou
1:00PM: Wikia: Sid Meier's Starships
1:20PM: Partner Spotlight: ShyTomb
1:30PM: Amazon Games
2:00PM: Amazon Fire
2:30PM: Microsoft - Ori &amp the Blind Forest and Screamride
3:00PM: Gigantic/Motiga
3:30PM: Unsung Heroes of Twitch: Events and Parties
3:45PM: Magic The Gathering
4:00PM: Twitch Weekly
4:30PM: Heroes of the Storm: New Look at Sylvanas and Tomb of the Spider
4:45PM: Ken Levine, creative director for BioShock and BioShock Infinite
5:00PM: Devolver Digital Movies: Ronin, Not A Hero, Tital Souls, and Dropsy

10:30AM: TBD
11AM: Guild of Dungeoneering
11:15AM: Afro Samurai
11:45AM: Mike Luxion Indie Game Showcase
12:00PM: Paperbound
1:00PM: Wikia: Witcher 3
1:20PM: Partner Spotlight: MrsViolence
1:30PM: Amazon Games
2:00PM: Amazon Fire
2:30PM: Microsoft - State of Decay and Battlefield Hardline
3:00PM: Magic The Gathering
3:15PM: Unsung Heroes of Twitch: Customer Support
3:30PM: Indie Megabooth
4:00PM: Hotline Miami 2
4:15PM: L.A. Cops
4:30PM: Heroes of the Storm: Trivia w/ Josh RZ
4:45PM: H1Z1
5:00PM: Vainglory Tournament
5:45PM: IndieBox

10:15AM: Gungho/Nintendo at PAX East
10:30AM: Tinybuild Games Power Hour
11:30AM: Partner Spotlight: SirScoots
11:45AM: Force of Elements
12:00PM: Armikrog
12:15PM: ReverbGames
1:00PM: Wikia: WarFrame
1:20PM: Partner Spotlight: Echoics
1:30PM: Amazon Games
2:00PM: Amazon Fire
2:30PM: Indie Megabooth
4:30PM: Partner Spotlight: EatMyDiction
5:00PM: Vainglory Tournament
5:45PM: Event Wrap Up

Turtle Beach Broadcaster Zone


12:00PM: ms_vixen
2:00PM: 8bithomo
4:00PM: TBD


12:00PM: Crream
2:00PM: tehmorag
4:00PM: swifty


12:00PM: bajheero
2:00PM: Ellohime
4:00PM: iKasper